On-demand ‘robotaxi’ service launches in Las Vegas

“Nevada has sought to position itself at the forefront of autonomous vehicle testing in recent years. The state cleared Motional to test its fleet without any human drivers present back in 2020, and the company announced a partnership with Lyft to launch fully autonomous ride-hailing in Las Vegas by next year.”

Autonomous truck company TuSimple logs 550 driverless miles in Arizona

“Autonomous trucking company TuSimple said Wednesday that its vehicles have now driven more than 550 completely autonomous miles on Interstate 10 between Tucson and Phoenix.”

Self-driving big-rigs will haul freight in Arizona

TuSimple will own and operate the 53-foot big rig making the roughly 80-mile trip between the Tucson railyard and a distribution site near Phoenix.

“This groundbreaking autonomous driving technology and our partnership provide us a significant opportunity to scale the technology in our network, proactively reducing global supply chain congestion,” said Union Pacific, in a statement.

Nuro’s new autonomous vehicle has a safety feature you wouldn’t expect

“On January 12, Nuro announced the coming development of its third-generation autonomous delivery vehicle. The vehicle will have twice the cargo room as its second-generation model while producing zero emissions in transport. Production of this new vehicle will take place at Nuro’s facility in southern Nevada.”

Voters Want to Accelerate Autonomous Vehicle Deployment

“The most popular reasons for supporting AVs were altruistic. Democrats, in particular, expressed the most interest in the fact that autonomous vehicles increase mobility for communities excluded from driving, including many wheelchair users, the blind, and seniors who are unable to drive themselves.”

Autonomous semis driving through Phoenix-area as truck driver shortage looms

“Advancements in self-driving cars are happening in Arizona, and experts and one major company believe it’s the answer to the driver shortage we’re seeing.”

Honda Puts Its Autonomous Vehicle Tech To Work At Construction Site

Honda and the engineering and construction firm Black & Veatch have tested a prototype of Honda’s autonomous work vehicle at a construction site in New Mexico.

During a month of tests, the AWV performed such tasks as towing, moving construction materials and other supplies to specific locations within the work site.

Walmart and Cruise partner to test autonomous grocery delivery in Arizona

“Technology that has the potential to not only save customers time and money but also be helpful to the planet is technology we want to learn more about, Tom Ward, Walmart’s senior vice president of customer product in the U.S., said Tuesday in a statement.

Ready for robotaxis? Devices installed along Las Vegas Strip to make self-driving rides safer

Self-driving rideshares are officially coming to Las Vegas, and officials are preparing for them by installing new technology on traffic signals to keep passengers safe.

Roughly 100 small, white, pronged devices have recently been installed on various traffic poles along the resort corridor.

Motional’s robotaxis will be fully driverless in Las Vegas by 2023

Motional, the autonomous vehicle company that is a $4 billion joint venture between Hyundai and Aptiv, announced the city in which it would launch its fully driverless robotaxi service in 2023, and surprise, surprise, it’s Las Vegas.

Motional first began testing its autonomous vehicles in Las Vegas through a joint partnership with Lyft nearly four years ago.