Wyoming is one of three states participating in the federal government’s connected vehicle pilot program.   Visitors to Wyoming can also see autonomous vehicles in action at Yellowstone National Park where autonomous shuttles are being used to reduce traffic and congestion in the federal park. 

The greatest benefit that self-driving cars could bring to humanity would be a reduction in traffic deaths. Policymakers, car company executives, and safety advocates look forward to the day when self-driving cars can dramatically reduce or eliminate the 3,400 deaths that occur every day because of traffic accidents.”

Canyon Village has been selected as the test-site a low-speed, automated shuttle, part of an emerging market for automated vehicle technology in the national parks. From late May to August 2021, fully autonomous shuttles from the company Beep Inc will be running through the Canyon’s campground, visitor services, and adjoining visitor lodging area. Canyon Village was specifically chosen for visitor safety.”